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Melleefresh vs. Deadmau5 - Sex Slave [Remix EP]

Having released 6 tracks on his Soundcloud over the last month or so, Joel Zimmerman continues to ignite conversation with lengthy releases “Suckfest 9001” and “You There”, as well as cheeky stabs, like “DROP DA BOMB”. While it can be hard at times to know what exactly his half-finished snippets are trying to convey, “DROP DA BOMB” came across as a clear message to the increasing frustration with the uniformity seen in many big electronic productions, also highlighted in Daleri’s unsettlingly straightforward “Epic mashleg”. However, instead of wading into the politics of creativity or trying to decipher Deadmau5’s random self-publishing, we should forge on to the release at hand, the Sex Slave Remix EP.

Out now on Play Digital, the 4-track experience gives you “Sex Slave” in every which way you want, from deep house to drumstep. Founder of Funky Element Records, DANK (USA) provides us with the hardest rendition, keeping it light at first with an ethereal ringing that soon transfers into an all out assault of DnB percussion. Next up would be Utku S. who doesn’t fall far behind in a relentless revision that slides towards the Feed Me spectrum of electro house. In it you’ll find and a rock reprieve fitting of the vocals and the syncopated alternation of bass and synth that signifies his complextro style.

Stream: Melleefresh vs. Deadmau5 - Sex Slave (DANK (USA) Remix)

Stream: Melleefresh vs. Deadmau5 - Sex Slave (Utku S. Mix)

Though I often side with the more aggressive tracks, this time the deep house and house versions really caught my ear. Belgian producer Kolombo takes it down a few notches by slowing the BPM to 120 and stripping much of the melody away; a ghostly, distorted phrase carries over all that’s left of the percussion and vocals. Lastly, my favorite of all the tracks would have to be My Digital Enemy & Jerome Robins’. Hitting closest to the original’s vibe while still delivering a decidedly house note, it brings a bouncy, dark feel that seems appropriate for an increasingly debaucherous day party. If you like what you hear, purchase the release over on Beatport or give the artists a like or follow.

Stream: Melleefresh vs. Deadmau5 - Sex Slave (Kolombo Mix)

Stream: Melleefresh vs. Deadmau5 - Sex Slave (My Digital Enemy & Jerome Robins Remix)

sex slave

Melleefresh vs. Deadmau5

Sex Slave [Remix EP]

  • Play Digital
  • 2013-07-15



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7 years ago

Anyone else think "I'm your sex slave" sounds more like "I'm your sibling"? Because that's what I heard at first and it kinda weirded me out.