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Ryan Leslie - "Addiction" (Feat. Cassie & Fabolous)(Phazz Remix)

For those of you feeling bits of anger lately over the state of electronic-based music in the present day, here's a little treat for you guys on this beautiful Saturday morning. While this song is a bit more Cashmere Cat than anything rave-heavy (usually where more of the "EDM" controversy lands), the Phazz remix of Ryan Leslie's "Addiction" is powerfully sexy and stylistically innovative. The track ends up being a perfect balance of both the electronic and R&B worlds, giving us a great glimpse at the historical roots both share. Sometimes (actually, more often than not), it's nice to see that connection. 

For those of you still arguing that the state of music isn't exciting anymore, you've definitely been listening to the wrong songs. This young up-and-coming artist also has some other fantastic remixes, including surprising takes on old favorites Twista and the Teriyaki Boyz, as well as a mixtape

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