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Woods - "Be All Be Easy"

The latest 7" release from Brooklyn based folk-rockers Woods features the band's final two recordings from their long-time home recording studio Rear House, an environment they've lovingly described as their "creative refuge and beloved shithole for the past 10 years."

The A-side to the 7", released via the band's Woodsist label, showcases a re-worked version of "Be All Be Easy," a whimsically nostalgic folk-rock track originally released on the band's 2011 LP Sun and Shade. Among the first Woods songs to be recorded with new drummer Aaron Neveu, "Be All Be Easy" feels like both a celebration of new beginnings and a fond farewell to a revered entity of the past—in this case taking the form of the band's forlorn Brooklyn studio.

The new take on "Be All Be Easy" is intended to capture the song's live sound that has evolved since its original incarnation. The result is a wonderfully ramshackle, yet refined piece of folk-rock, complete with jangling guitars and a soft falsetto vocal delivery from singer Jeremy Earl.  The B-side to the new 7" features a cover of The Kinks' 1971 track "God's Children."

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"Be All Be Easy"


  • Woodsist
  • July 9, 2013
Folk Rock · Indie · Rock


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