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Sterling Silver - "End Up Like This" (Tyler Touche Remix) [Premiere]

Australia (to me) is the happier version of the United States, and nothing seems to reflect that more than the art that they produce, such as this remix of Sterling Silver's debut track, "End Up Like This." Keeping in the general nu-disco trend that never seems to explode, but is always lurking around in the funkiest parts of the internet, there is something decidedly peaceful in the dance track. The Tyler Touche remix sounds like the way the hours before a great night feel- strangely calming yet stirring with excitement. Crank this one up to the max, enjoy the sun while it's still out, grab a cold drink of choice, and have a great day. 

No mention of any other music or tour dates at the moment, but with tracks like "End Up Like This," it's hard to imagine things will stay that way for long. 


Dance · Nu-disco


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