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Laurel Canyon - "Hot" (Thieves Re-Twerk)

Missy Elliot remixes are pretty common and at times it seems like it's hard to make something stand out. Diplo and GTA's "Boy Oh Boy" was a straight up banger, but since then... it's been kind of a lull when it comes to Missy remixes. She's already catchy and fun, it felt like perhaps she was already too awesome on her own. 

Thankfully, Laurel Canyon has decided to change things up a bit, and head toward a different more danceabledirection, and with the help of a "re-twerk," as him and Thieves have cleverly called it, "hot" has just become my deep house-oriented go to track for the Fourth of July weekend. While never detracting from all the great catchiness that is the rap goddess, the two have both put their own spin onto the track, and when the track hits, specifically around the 45 second mark, the crowd hearing it will go nuts. 

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