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Earmilk Interview: LiL TExAS [Exclusive Mix]

Ever since I met Sam Barry (aka Lil Texas) circa 2011, I’ve been vibing off his music like a fiend. Since then he has exploded, opening for cat lover Dillon Francis, fresh off a tour with the hoodie boys themselves, Flosstradamus, and having just dropped his latest EP, Talkin 2 U, released via Donky Pitch at the end of May. And he’s got a lot more on the horizon.

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His sound is something huge and modern and unclassifiable (what does a “genre” mean now, anyways?). If I had to put my thumb on it, I would call it progressive R&B garage trap-hop. Sam took the time to answer what is my favorite interview I’ve conducted to date.

Not only did he crack me up with the interview, he also made this exclusive mix for Earmilk. This mix is 45 minutes of sultry bump n' grind progressive R&B garage trap-hop shit and is an essential for any summer party. Give er' a whirl tonight while you and your hombres get ready to go wild for the night. Take a gander at the man, the myth, the minotaur: LiL Texas. Enjoy, cheers!

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/97877849%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-nvVrl" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

EARMILK: What are you working on right now that you're most excited about? 
Lil Texas: Well, the Donky Pitch EP was my main focus for the past 6 months, but right now, the newest M|O|D comp is my biggest focus and that should be out soon on a very dope label. Other than that, I've got some West Coast shows coming soon, big festivals like Camp Bisco and Digital Dreams Festival in Toronto are a big focus. My live show is something I've been focused on upgrading, so be on the lookout for some Lil Tex dancers, some bigger production, and of course fire mixes. Got a few singles that will be dropping and a remix EP of the Donky Pitch release will drop in August with some big names. 
EM: What got you into producing and DJing? 
LT: I was a bass player forever. I went to Berklee College of Music for jazz performance and business. While there, I discovered computers and producers and fell in love with electronic music. Throwing parties got me into DJing. I used to have a roof deck in Boston that I’d throw ragers at, and from there, I honed my DJ skills. Now I eat, sleep, and breathe that shit. 
EM: Where do you find your inspiration?
LT: Internet culture and the culture of the cities I visit and live in. I’m from the south, so I derive a lot of my sound from those southern rap styles and the culture surrounding that. I listen to all types of music, so whatever I may be listening to will inspire me to make a new sound within the context of what’s going on in the modern electronic scene. I really enjoy combining genres that you normally wouldn't hear in "trap or club" to make a fresh sound. 
EM: Your sound is very progressive and groovy, not like any other shit out there. How did you go about creating this sound? 
LT: Man, I just get bored with the formulaic music that is saturating the internet. These producers see that trap is the next cool thing, so they make trap beats. For me that’s whack as fuck, if you truly fuck with southern rap and trap styles, then by all means, make that shit, but too many producers are dick riders hopping to the next dick. If you genuinely fuck with something then make it, but don't do it because it’s the next cool thing. I’m a sucker for R&B so I try and combine those early 90's sounds into my modern day trap, hip-hop, and club beats to make something fresh and, most importantly, musical.  
EM: What's it been like touring with Flosstradamus? Any interesting stories from the road?
LT: The most amazing experience of my life. I learned so much from those dudes, especially about remaining humble no matter what. They're very admirable guys and super loyal to their fans. But hell yeah, it was gnarly for me getting to play 1000+ venues every night. Got to sign autographs (titties) for the first time, and pull some crazy backstage rockstar shit. The good stuff I can't really put in the interview but y'all can use your imagination. I will say this though: Vancouver was next level debauchery.
EM: Tell me about the M|O|D Crew. How'd you meet, what do you do, etc.?
LT: We met at college in Boston. We're all just best friends, and we came together because Boston wasn't showing us any love back then so we decided to start our own crew and get bigger than any of them. The past year, we've been grinding non-stop and keep raising the bar between each other and the industry. We love beer, rare ladies, smoking that chron, and dope music. Pretty simple dudes, we're mad friendly so if you see us around don't be shy, we love people, especially the fans.
EM: Biggest celebrity crush?
LT: Lil Debbie is my ultimate BB. If you read this, baby, i'll take you on the best date you've ever had. See, I'm a lover and a romantic, I respect all women so just holler at me Debbie and I'll be there. Iggy Azalea is mad fine too.
EM: What's your guilty pleasure?
LT: Blaring Toni Braxton's first album on CD in my whip.
EM: Favorite TV show?
LT: Game of Thrones and Archer.
EM: Biggest vice? 
LT: A rare lady with a nice booty, red lipstick, and dope nails. 
EM: What's your dream venue?
LT: Red Rocks and Fabric in London.
EM: Boxers or briefs?
LT: Boxer briefs, player.
EM: Cats or dogs?
LT: Dogs.

Lil Debbie, if you are reading this, call the man. He is a nice boy, he’ll take you to Golden Corral, hell, I’m sure he’ll even let you hit up the fondue fountain. That’s a real southern gentleman.


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