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Gesaffelstein - "Pursuit" [Official Video]

If there was ever a musical artist who's mind I would like to dissect, it would probably be the elusive Gesaffelstein's, born Mike Levy. Despite his large success with over 100+k followers on Facebook, he has maintained a degree of separation from the media. In short, the world is clamoring for information, and there isn't any readily available. There is no Twitter, no Instagram, and the only things that ever leak out seem to be from other people's interviews, Vines... etc.  

But really, with Gesaffelstein's musical style and persona, it makes sense, and I wouldn't ask for the mystery behind him to disappear. He seems to be the aloof man with a cigarette in his mouth, that every group of friends seems to have one of. The detached friend that we never really can figure out. However, this is all besides the point. He has made it a goal to make everything about his craft, and that's a value to strongly admire in a world that loves reality stars for nothing more than their ridiculous personalities. 

His new video for "Pursuit" began with a teaser a bit back, featuring him facing a mirror with no reflection, vampire style. The music video, as it turns out, will only feature this clip for a couple of seconds. So, what really happens? ... Well, a great deal more, although it's pretty hard to make a summary. The video is angry, ferocious, and violently sexy, which isn't something I usually find appealing, but when it comes to the musical movements going on in France, I'll make an exception. Basically it's everything that makes Gesaffelstein, well, Gesaffelstein. The track itself is Levy at his best, moving forth on the style I'd best describe as music for the things that happen in dark alleys at the wrong times of the night. While I wouldn't want to be at those dark alleys, there is something so dangerously seductive about his songs, and "Pursuit" is no different. 

Between this fantastically crafted song and video, the young DJ/Producer is only sky-rocketing his status as the French Prince of darkness. There is buzz that he is planning an album, but officially there hasn't been word of anything. Pursuit can be purchased on iTunes for now, although Beatport and other music sites should follow soon. In terms of seeing him live, him and his touring partner, Bromance Records labelhead Brodinski, have been keeping themselves busy in Europe, however, they will be crossing over the Atlantic for Hard Summer and Electric Zoo. Gesaffelstein also recently co- produced "Send It Up", off Yeezus, with Arca, Hudson Mohawke, and Daft Punk. He is also a co-labelhead with The Hacker for Zone Records





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