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Shigeto - "Detroit Part 1"

It's always a comfort to know that there are producers like Shigeto lingering around while EDM and house producers are getting all the spotlight. Yes, adrenaline pumping heaters are nice and all, but when you want a change of pace and style, who would you turn to? Shigeto is the one that can provide, as has been for awhile now. He's most popular for his midtempo to downtempo beats. He's one of the few who has mastered the near perfect if not perfect equilibrium of experimental organic styles and traditional electronic norms. One of his latest tunes, "Detroit Part 1", showcases his mastery. This particular tune is the first single off of his upcoming album No Time Better Than Now, which will be released through Ghostly International on August 20. "Detroit Part 1" is a texturized beauty, incorporating many different sounds and effects while a strong percussion chugs along in the back. The song, in a sense, has a traditional trip-hop essence in relative to the beat. But what makes it non-traditional is Shigeto's lush sounds thrown into the mix that grabs your ears through pure distinction. 

Let it rip below.

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