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Mike Q x Just Jam [Exclusive Video]

What is vogue? Webster’s dictionary defines vogue as; the leading place in popularity or acceptance, or a popular acceptation or favor. You may also know Vogue as the magazine, but the real question is, are you hip on Vogueing?  

Vogueing is a style of dance and its exact origins have yet to be determined. Some people will argue that it started in New York City in Harlem Ballrooms, some people will argue that it started down in Washington, D.C. Regardless of its origins vogueing consists of very rigid, flashy, and modelesque dance moves and poses. It began in the LGBT community as a way for opponents to settle their disputes through dance. It’s a lot like Hansel and Derek Zoolander’s model walk-off but with more elaborate and sophisticated dance moves. 

Mike Q is a Jersey native that has been making a lot of noise in the vogueing community. I first heard of Mike Q back in February, when he did an episode of Blow Your Head via Potato Will Eat You, talking about the underground world of vogueing. His offbeat personality caught my attention and I was instantly intrigued by his sound. 

More recently, Mike Q linked up with the Just Jam run by Don't Watch That TV. Today we have the exclusive premiere of his fully edited audio visual set showcasing Don't Watch That TV's unique psychedelic visuals with a short interview included at the end. Wearing a green shirt and standing in front of a green backdrop provides a really trippy and ingenious take on not-your-typical set. Check out the full set and interview in the video below. 

[WARNING: There is sexually explicit content in this video]


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