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YellowStraps x Le Motel - "Valium" [Video]

Sometimes you just need one listen to know you’re going to love everything an artist does. That’s what happened to me when I listened to “Pollen”, the first collaboration between Belgian band YellowStraps and their friend Le Motel.  Going on a tour of Le Motel’s Soundcloud did nothing to prove me wrong. I had no doubt he was going to become the next big thing (at least in Belgium).

Facts didn’t prove me right (yet), but his latest production with YellowStraps clearly shows that they’re heading for the right direction. If you’re still not impressed by their talent after listening to "Valium", you might change your mind when you learn that they composed, recorded and filmed the entire music and video in only one day. This goal they set for each of their collaborations is the kind of challenges that force them to bring their best to their work, and only that.

As for "Pollen", the video was filmed and edited by François Dubois.  


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