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Lorine Chia - "Fly High" [Video]

19 year old songstress Lorine Chia, is back again with a fresh new music video. The Cleveland native, who released her debut free album/mixtape, Lorine, to critical acclaim, and signaled the dawn of a new face coming into the recent R&B revival that has seen the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd become huge hits. It's a bold statement for me to pin that title on her, but not only does her voice make her stand out, the kind of tracks she sings over stand out in their own way. Take the track for her new video "Fly High" for example. The track has a drum pattern that you'd associate with hip hop, and the wavy synths wouldn't seem out of place on a cloud rap song, yet the way Lorine rocks over the beat with her smooth vocals and then hits us with a catchy chorus, it puts her in her very own niche.

Lorine Chia is gearing up for the re-issue of her first mixtape/album entitled Lorine Redux. The project will feature tracks from the initial release as well as new tracks, one of which is "Fly High". You can download the original Lorine mixtape HERE. Lorine Redux is set to drop this summer, keep your eyes and ears locked onto Earmilk for more news of the release of this project.



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