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Le1f - "Spa Day" [Video]

Whatever you're doing, Greedhead signed rapper Le1f, is probably doing it better.This becomes more and more obvious in his music videos, when his aggression, swagger, and overall badassery take over the screen. Since his past two mixtapes, Dark York and Fly Zone, he hasn't yet shown any signs of slowing down, and has now released "Spa Day." 

In this song, he brings his unique style and sound yet again, and creates a day at the spa that is probably unlike anything anyone's actually experienced. While anyone new to Le1f will probably need a minute just to comprehend what happened in the video, those of us that have become fans will be glad to know that the man is back, and bringing back his intense flow with him. The video also features fellow Greedhead members, such as Himanshu "Heems" (also the labelhead) and Lakutis

Le1f has a series of 'Spa Days' in Europe and Australia, starting in June, which is sure to be an exciting set of performances. 

Experimental · Hip-Hop


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