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Mirror Kisses - Heartbeats [Album Stream]

Mirror Kisses is exactly the type of music that I imagine to have been played late at night during the eighties. The artist behind the project, George Clanton (who gets drumming assistance from Doug Sexton), has the deep baritone voice of angst, a dreamy lover's pop sound, and the perfect amount of synth to go along with the feel, culminating in something that is so depressingly beautiful.

While obviously the decade of Reaganomics has been long gone, this Virginia native is here to stay, and thank goodness, because with all of the strange music coming out these days, sometimes it's nice to go back to music that sticks to the basics.

His newest album, Heartbeats, was a long term project that has finally come to fruition. Comprising eight well-produced tracks, the album, which took a year to create, was worth the time and dedication. The nostalgic feel to each song touches the heart, and this up and comer should be proud of his work on this project. It is released on Bandcamp on vinyl and digital. Mirror Kisses is also offering a 50% discount [CODE: EARMILK] for vinyl preorders, which will last until May 11. 


Dreampop · Indie · Pop


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7 years ago

Mirror Kisses - Heartbeats [Album Stream]: Mirror Kisses is exactly the type of music that I imagine to have b... http://t.co/xaANkCyw9k

7 years ago

@MirrorKissesVA Hope this is to your liking! http://t.co/7EsvWWVKqq

Mirror Kisses
7 years ago

thank uu ;)

Mirror Kisses
7 years ago

RT @earmilkdotcom: #EARMILK : Mirror Kisses - Heartbeats [Album Stream] - http://t.co/4QlxlOP3wt @MirrorKissesVA

John V. Harrison
7 years ago
Mirror Kisses
7 years ago

MK on EARMILK! http://t.co/An8WZQKgA5 via @earmilkdotcom