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Le Motel - "Papa Legba" [Video]

If you have been following Earmilk for the past two weeks, you might have heard of emerging Belgian producer Le Motel. Behind this intriguing stage name hides a 22-year-old graphic designer working whenever he's got the time on his second passion—music. Le Motel has only been focusing seriously on his music for a little less than a year, but his Soundcloud already holds a bunch of gems like "Scraboutcha", "Haitian Chords" or "Asleep". Recently arousing the attention of the audience (among which recognized artist Dream Koala) with a collaboration he did with YellowStraps entitled "Pollen", Le Motel doesn't intend to stop there and is now releasing his next production.

"Papa Legba" is the first part of a project he's been working on for the past few months. The initial idea is mixing voodoo and electronic cultures to create something new and fresh. Using an astonishingly wide range of sounds recorded in voodoo ceremonies, he has produced here a kind of music you have never heard before. You'll quickly get carried away by the overwhelming atmosphere he's created, mastering a rhythmical beat made out of all sorts of percussions. The artist, who values the visual aspect of his work as much as the music, has teamed up with his new collective BTWIN to edit images of Haitian voodoo ceremonies and combine them to the music so that they form one unique audiovisual experience.

Maybe I should warn you at this point: if you have ever listened to some of Le Motel's past productions, you might be surprised by how this differs. Before pressing play, I advise you put aside all your expectations and enjoy "Papa Legba" as something completely new. 

For those who didn't have enough with "Papa Legba", Le Motel released another voodoo inspired track along with it called "Ghede".

It is difficult to know exactly what to expect about Le Motel's future releases. Influenced by a wide range of genres, he keeps experimenting with new combinations, making it hard to put a clear label on his music. However, you can already count on some more voodoo/electronic tracks, as well as on a couple of new collaborations with YellowStraps. Make sure you don't miss those when they drop.



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