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Azealia Banks - "Yung Rapunxel" [Video]

Gone are the days of the bouncy, electro jam that was "212." Azealia Banks' newest single "Yung Rapunxel" is a drastic turn from her previous material, showing us a foreboding, yet bizarre side that has us wondering what exactly was her inspiration for the video. The rapper, who at the beginning of the year came under fire for her views regarding homosexuality and, more recently, has had beef with everyone from A$AP Rocky to The Stone Roses, certainly does not hold anything back for the video of the aforementioned song. Banks is rebellious, smashing glass bottles on the heads of policemen bearing riot shields and reveals a disturbing image of mouths replacing her eyes. Towards the end, she is seen riding a bronco ( a nice nod towards Beyonce's "Suga Mamma"); this video definitely raises questions as to what the rhymer's next move will be.

Electronic · Hip-Hop


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Henry A Hawkins
8 years ago

So sick!