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Flume - "Left Alone" (Feat. Chet Faker) [Ta-ku Remix]

What do you get when you have one Australian remixing a fellow Aussie? No punchline here, but all the punch nevertheless. In case if you have been slumbering underneath a boulder, Flume is a rising Australian producer who released a monster self-titled debut album. Flume is widely accepted and critically acclaimed in the electronic scene. With the use of unique timings, high-pitch glitched out vocals, and overall bumpin' beats, Flume has glided to the top. Flume isn't alone. Ta-ku, who is from Perth, has been taking a different route, but with similar results. This particular producer is constantly on the move with numerous remixes, singles, and EPs.

Recently, Ta-ku has been on a remix rampage. From Justin Timberlake to Ghost Loft, no one is safe from his radar. But in all actuality, it is considered an honor to be remixed by Ta-ku since he has stepped up his game by tenfold in the past year. His latest alteration is Flume's "Left Alone" featuring vocalist Chet Faker, who is also from Australia (surprised?). Ta-ku is known for his trap-influenced beats. However, his style and persona has evolved so much over the years that it's border-line 'Ta-ku style' instead of trap. He incorporated his signature beat timing with his famous vocal skews in between the original layers. What resulted is a harder, more textured version than the original. The beauty of this particular remix is that the integrity of the original is for the most part intact. Many producers add way too much and fall into the trap of butchering the positive aspects of the original that made it popular in the first place.

Feel the heat.

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