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Skizzy Mars - Phases [Mixtape]

New York rapper Skizzy Mars released his latest mixtape Phases a couple days ago. After deciding that college wasn't the route he wanted to pursue he reverted to focusing on his music full time. He Released a few singles, sent them out to blogs, and it was full steam ahead after that! His sound is very unique and uninfluenced by what is happening in hip hop right now. Similarities to Kid Cudi constantly swirl once his music is played and that is a positive sign within itself. His musical taste varies and he does not shy away from indie or electro instrumentals as Phases is comprised of a good amount of the two. I played the tape from beginning to end, to and from work a couple times without my usually automatic urge to next a song. The tracks that stood out for my where– "Pay for you" featuring G-Eazy, "Cheers", "15", and "Phases". Download the project and look out for Skizzy touring with XXL freshman Logic as well as dates on G-Eazy's Must be nice tour.


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