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Night Rumours 9

Find them at basement nights and warehouse one-offs reaching from New York to Montreal and overseas Berlin, a collect of conneisseuring clubbers. Void of tasteless vagabonds and cheap standards, looking to give credit where credit is due. The recent flood of clichéd counterfeits has made most music today better left unsaid, but it's the rumours stuck in our head that tug at our ego and give us the need to shine light. A compulsive urge to spread from one ear to the next, to draw a line between bottle service cogs and what is honestly the cutting edge of electronic dance music. There's no room for Vegas roller coasters or casual chit chat, just Night Rumours worth spreading.


Ali Love feat. Kali
Crosstown Rebels; 2013-03-18

"Just in time for the sweatiest winter party of the year, Ali Love drops Emperor on the demotic Crosstown Rebels label. As half of Infinity Ink, Ali Love joined the Hot Natured team as producer, writer, and vocalist for hit tracks like 'Benediction' and summer favorite 'Infinity'. Ali Love is the electronic music vocalist master, teaming up with key players over the last five years writing hit tracks for the legendary Chemical Brother’s 'Do it Again', back in 2007. Emperor is packaged as a 4 track EP, including a dub version of the original, and two disparate remixes by the mere house duo, Waze & Odessy and the deeper soulful Maceo Plex. Each version providing a new experience, versatile for all club heads. The Maceo Plex remix has already been dropped by Pete Tong at Miami WMC, a place where each version is sure to become a favorite. As for the rest of the globe, Emperor is a promising compilation, hitting heavily across all dance floors." - Vanessa Gil

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[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/78401896" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/78401897" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

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Nick Hook & Vin Sol & Matrixxman
I Can Feel It
Classicworks; 2013-03-25

"Energised house tools from New York’s Nick Hook and Soo Wavey head honchos Vin Soul & Matrixxman. The A-Side 'I Can Feel It' kicks off with a recurring theme of short vocal blasts entwined amongst Chicago style claps. '666 Ways' sets itself in a similar fashion; deceptively leading you into a cynical techno influenced breakdown. The slightly more melodic synths accompany a sharp kick drum sound hammering across this whole EP. 'High Volume' finishes off the release with deeper drum pads and eclectic kicks, the persistent rave style vocal stabs still ever- present. The trio have assembled something relatively unique here, with a combination of classic house influences amongst some more modern additions. You can get your hands on the vinyl March 25th and the digital version of the I Can Feel It EP is available on April 8th."  - Ethan Wroth

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Ruede Hagelstein
Watergate 13
Watergate Records; 2013-03-25

"With mix CDs seemingly becoming more outdated faster and than making an impact, Watergate Records has managed to do things a bit differently to keep things fresh. The club and label next to the Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin brings a unique take on the mix complications: wonderful artwork, established guests and resident DJs, and exclusive tracks. With past curators such as Onur Ozer, Sebo K, Ellen Allien, Tiefschwarz, and Solomun, #13 looks to add to the already solidified mix series.

Ruede Hagelstein is booked on turntable duties for the 13th installment. For this compilation, Hagelstein guides us through a whopping 25-track trip of classics, new releases, and exclusive edits. He starts things off with Prins Thomas’ beatless yet beautifully innocent 'Symfonisk Utviklingshemming'. Hagelstein quickly gets deeper and more upbeat with tracks like 'Swing Ibero' and 'Set Me Free'. Later, 'A.R.G.O.' ‘s bass line really gets the mix in a sold groove. 'Gotta Make It Right' enlightens things with its uplifting synths. Further in, glimpses of Mike Dunn’s Chicago House inspired track 'Phreaky MF' really gets things cooking and then Losoul’s awesome, funktified classic 'Open Door' drops and marks the next level of the mix. The deep bass and arpeggios of 'Foolish Games' is one of the peaks of the CD. And another highlight would come by way of Carl Craig’s remix of 'Take Words in Return' by Innervision’s own Henrik Schwarz. Ruede Hagelstein really does a great job with the pacing of the CD. The compilation is filled with gems of past and present, including edits specifically tailored for the mix. Nothing is too adventurous but do keep your attention. The vocals presented are lush yet gritty. Needless to say, all the tracks work seamlessly well together and are quite diverse, even progressive house veteran James Zabiela gets one of his blissful tracks towards the end." - Kevin Rodriguez

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      Prins-Thomas---Symfonisk- Utviklingshemming--EM0313
Play: Prins Thomas - Symfonisk Utviklingshemming

      Fabio-Alampi---Escape- (Alan-Fitzpatrick-Remix)--EM0313
Play: Fabio Alampi - Escape (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

      Don-Disco---Swing-Ibero-- EM0313
Play: Don Disco - Swing Ibero

      Chris-Wood-Meat---Cock-Robin-- EM0313
Play: Chris Wood & Meat - Cock Robin

      Strangers-in-Heaven-feat.-Jonny- Cruz---Set-Me-Free-(Watergate-Edit)--EM0313
Play: Strangers in Heaven feat. Jonny Cruz - Set Me Free (Watergate Edit)

      Ruede-Hagelstein-Emerson-Todd- --A.R.G.O.-(Watergate-Edit)--EM0313
Play: Ruede Hagelstein & Emerson Todd - A.R.G.O. (Watergate Edit)

Play: Amine Edge - Yeah

      Marco-Resmann-feat.-RAD--- Life-About-To-Change-(Watergate-Edit)--EM0313
Play: Marco Resmann feat. RAD - Life About To Change (Watergate Edit)

Play: Fischer & Kleber - Air

      The-Cheapers---Hammertime- (Watergate-Hiapella)--EM0313
Play: The Cheapers - Hammertime (Watergate Hi'apella)

      Paskal-Urban-Absolutes---Gotta- Make-It-Right-(Instrumental)--EM0313
Play: Paskal & Urban Absolutes feat. Byron Stingily - Gotta Make It Right (Instrumental)

      Marshall-Jefferson---Mushrooms- (Salt-City-Orchestra-Out-There-Mix)--EM0313
Play: Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix)

      Manuel-Tur---Back-To- Me-(Jimpster-Dub)--EM0313
Play: Manuel Tur - Back To Me (Jimpster Dub)

      Mike-Dunn-Pres.-MR.69--- Phreaky-MF-(Mike-Dunn_s-Original-Phreak-Mixx)--EM0313
Play: Mike Dunn Presents MR. 69 - Phreaky MF (Mike Dunn’s Original Phreak Mixx)

      Losoul---Open-Door-- EM0313
Play: Losoul - Open Door

      Tone-Of-Arc---Soundsail-- EM0313
Play: Tone Of Arc - Soundsail

      Aartekt---Rolling-Energy-- EM0313
Play: Aartekt - Rolling Energy

      Lower-Dens---Candy- (Steve-Moore-Remix)--EM0313
Play: Lower Dens - Candy (Steve Moore Remix)

      Shlomi-Aber-feat.-Moggli- --Foolish-Games--EM0313
Play: Shlomi Aber feat. Möggli - Foolish Games

      Ruede-Hagelstein---Up-The- River-(Watergate-Dub-Edit)--EM0313
Play: Ruede Hagelstein - Up The River (Watergate Dub Edit)

      The-Drifter---Day-and-Night-- EM0313
Play: The Drifter - Day and Night

      Henrik-Schwarz---Take-Words- in-Return-(C2-Vocal-Rmx)--EM0313
Play: Henrik Schwarz - Take Words in Return (C2 Vocal Rmx)

      The-Pyramids---What- the-World-Needs-Now--EM0313
Play: The Pyramids - What the World Needs Now

      James-Zabiela---The-Healing-- EM0313
Play: James Zabiela - The Healing

      M83---Where-The-Boats-Go-- EM0313
Play: M83 - Where The Boats Go

Damian Schwartz
It's A Brave New World
Lovemonk; 2013-04-22

"Having released music for just under a decade, Spanish producer Damian Schwartz creates his house-based music without specific styles in mind. Instead he lays down grooves that reflect the atmosphere of the situation at hand. In releasing A Brave New World under Lovemonk Schwartz adds the labels notorious funk flair to his experience and adaptive approach and in doing so creates two tracks that capture different emotions. The front end of the release, 'Inwards' focuses on creating a strong rhythm through building momentum with heavy basslines, and splashing percussive effects. The climb leads into experimenting textures that are held together with a soulful sample that chimes in when the track is peaking. The reverse, 'Backwards' morphs from a euphoric synth lead into a Chicago inspired groove, filled with echoing claps and a sustained hi hat feature. The track builds off of the core with a modern bassline and another soulful sample that is quickly followed by mysterious synth features that disjoint as the song progresses." - Aaron Thomas

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Play: Damian Schwartz - Inwards

Play: Damian Schwartz - Backwards


Dolly; 2013-03-18

"Bellyfeel - a blind, enthusiastic, casual acceptance to the extent that it becomes a gut instinct, a feeling in the belly. Coming across Martyn's latest to hit the shelves it's hard not to grab the EP like you've internalized some dystopian party doctrine. Call me blind and mindless, but I don't even bother with the previews especially when there's Dolly on the sticker. Loyalty is often painted with pride and identity, but is loyalty to an artist, a label, a brand, gullible ignorance with more makeup on? There's a bliss in taking the fall knowing someone will catch you. Cue up track one on Newspeak and you know you won't be hitting the ground.  

Opening on a sea of tripping echos and drum breaks, 'Oceania' is the sedative spell we've all grown fond of in Martyn's revered full length debut. To mark where the 3024 label boss is heading in his progression, look to the title track where you'll find eerie chords, tense strings, and pulsating leads to lean on a drabber techno aesthetic. A tight four on the floor in 'What is Room 101' closes up shop and harkens back to the soothing inspiration of classic house jams with a forward thinking outlook on synthesizing lush polyphonic atmospheres. Spanning across many genres and literary works, Newspeak takes the middle ground in not being bass or techno or house, but everything. It's the 18 minutes you'd want out of Martyn that are not just good, but doubleplusgood." - Lukas Switlicki

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Play: Martyn - Oceania

Play: Martyn - Newspeak

Play: Martyn - What Is Room 101


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