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Ayah Marar - Earmilk Influencer Series

Today is the 3rd instalment in our influencer series. We've teamed up with Wavo, the social network for music, to feature top 10 charts from artists and influencers from around the world.  Curators for the series are chosen based on their unique impact on modern music and culture.
As part of our ongoing influencer series we're excited to have  a top #10 chart by UK based Ayah Marar.   2013 is going to be a big year for the young Jordanian singer, between recording her second album, starting her own show on BBC Radio 1Xtra this month, playing gigs and festivals across the UK and Europe, massive collaborations on the way, and all the while heading up her own label Hussle Girl , it's amazing she had time to sit down and give us 10 tracks at all.  From harder Dubstep to underground Hip-Hop you get the idea from her chart that her new radio show won't be for the feint of heart.  Also don't miss her own song and video ‘Alive' in there that just dropped.  It's the fourth single off Ayah Marar’s debut album ‘The Real’ and Ayah’s first foray back into dubstep after her 'Follow U' release with Yogi on Ministry of Sound.
Without further ado we'll give it away to Ayah:
"I wanted to give as much of a full spectrum of what is tickling my fancy at the moment musically.  Gorgon City are doing some wonderful things and always good for a bubble.  Then I had to throw in some of my favourite MCs of the moment, P MONEY, BUGGSY, GATS and MARGER all coming with some fierce business here.  From the harder Dubstep vibe to the downright old school hiphop vibe of Mr Smooth, something to cover all bases!  The representing the harder side of Dubstep, a couple of guys that I learned about through REEPS ONE, EPTIC and BROKENNOTE absolutely ridiculously dark deliciousness, right up my street.  Finishing off with the massive MIZUKI remix of my next single, what a don, and finally the laid back sounds of the DESTRO, bringing the trap sexiness."
- Ayah Marar

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  •  Ayah Marar Website
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  •  Ayah Marar on Soundcloud



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