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Beach House - Wishes [Video]

Beach House have become a band that don't necessarily need an introduction, with their distinct dream pop style, but their music video for  "Wishes" may bring about some questions. "Wishes' is a beautifully shot video--credit Tim and Eric's Eric Wareheim--with a comedic story that takes you through the halftime show of a sporting event starring Ray Wise.

Wise, generally a character actor, takes center stage lip-syncing Vitoria Legrand's enrapturing vocals to an unassuming crowd. At first the crowd is quieted by the music, maybe because Wise is singing beautiful harmonies instead of directing players on the sideline, but before long the crowd's ecstatic over the surreal and imaginative performance. Wise is accompanied on the field by cheerleaders, twirlers, a streaker and a horse, who all deliver a memorable experience for the crowd and video's viewers alike. 

"Wishes" is off of 2012's Bloom that was released under Sub Pop Records.



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