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Zoo Legacy - "Echo" [Video]

I'm very proud to present to you today the newest video from Canadian indie hip hop union, Zoo Legacy, presented exclusively by EARMILK. The song is "Echo" and it is the second video off their latest EP City Light Glow, which is available as a free download on their website (seriously, go now). After seeing these guys perform live earlier last month I was pretty sure I was in the presence of something that was about to explode, and after watching the video you'll know why.

These guys comprise all elements of indie excellence, boasting great vocals, guitars, keyboards and a polished style both on the stage and off. However, it's the unexpected element of hip hop surprise that makes their sound unique, and completely awesome. "Echo" is a great introduction to their trademark style, drawing you in with a moody bassline that you might find moderately reminiscent of The xx. The similarities end there, however, because the track quickly picks up with smooth hip hop vocals and a catchy chorus. It's a perfect example of Zoo Legacy's ability to build bridges between genres of music that are usually kept separate. What they've got going on is something wonderful, and I strongly suggest you take the opportunity you have now to download their wicked EP and see them live before they blow up. Because they will. 

The boys will be in New York next month to start working on their third video, and they'll be playing a few shows in Toronto mid-March. 

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