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Ghostpizza – Champions [Compilation]

San Antonio’s Ghostpizza, a difficult clusterfuck to define—maybe call it a marketing collective of musicians—is adding music compilations to their strategy. Their first collection, CHAMPIONS, features contributions from 18 different hip-hop artists, broken up by some random head scratching, LOL inducing interludes. The tracks range from trap music, to really ratchet, to satirical, quirky yap-rap. The project is loaded with fresh talent, so you’re bound to discover at least one new artist to watch. Check out a few stand out tracks off the compilation below and then go download the project for free on their website.

Download: DJ YAY YAY x MICROCHIPS x 2CHAINZ – 11. Spend It

Download: Brain Gang Blue – 25. No Care In The World

Download: Nicodemus – 18. Away

Download: Dustin Cavazos – 21. Nobody Is Coming Up

Download: LeDoom – 10. Puffin' Purp

Download: Shadowrunners Click – 4. Off Top (prod. by City of Thieves)



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  • where's the link to the site???

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