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Quelle Chris - "Ratsh*t" (Feat. DJ GroWeyez) [Video]

Captain Obvious will pick up on one thing when watching Quelle Chris' music video for "Ratsh*t": Chris really means "ratchet." But that's the thing with the word "ratchet" - it's taken on a seedy life of its own, and has become the very thing it was originally supposed to call out: the ratchet. Instead of pointing out what is and isn't ratchet, Chris does one better. He evolves the word into its true sentiment, or what only the picture of rodent feces could bring to mind.

Quelle Chris, who has worked with the likes of Sean Price and House Shoes, just to name two, somehow crafts a flu-catchy tune that doubles as a social critique. With the help of director Eric Coleman and stylists ShadyLA, SWRV and Jamerson, he looks Ron O'Neal fly while doing it.

If "your kid's 25, you 24, " you "go to the club straight after church," or "you know every radio hit," then this track might be for you. Not that'll you want to admit it.



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