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Bahwee - "Back It Up"

Bahwee, one of our mainstay LA producers, is back on the move as of this year. For newbies, you'll find this is an artist who likes to stomp out electronic beats and is well-known for his smooth production drops. Bahwee's select number of album and EP releases correlates with nothing other than suspenseful anticipation for his next work of art. His last full length album Flavors 2 was released back in May 2012 and Since then, he has stayed relatively quiet on the radar, though for a good reason. As acting President of budding Los Angeles record label HuhWhat&Where Recordings, he has been simultaneously working to get themselves up high in the air. Artists within said label include quality producers such as Ta-kuEvil Needle, Elaquent, and Juj, just to name a few. As you may have guessed, the quality of work is set pretty damn high. They pride themselves in organic and progressive beats, which is quite distinct in Bahwee's most recent track "Back It Up". 

Here the producer has found an equilibrium between feel-good vibes and organic, light beats. And "Back It Up" is no exception. He utilizes looped female vocals as well as smooth, clean effects without all the noise created by enormous amounts of synth and over-saturated bass. A nice hip-hop beat coasts in the background while modest ambient and lo-fi effects gives you a lesson or two on dynamic looping. Stream below to taste what's coming on his upcoming EP.

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