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Nicky Romero - "Still the Same Man" (Feat. John Christian & Nilson)

When this track begins, the sparkling, revolving bassline and treble are immediately recognizable as the work of some Toolroom Records genius. Using a retro, nostalgic house hook, Nicky Romero along with John Christian and Nilson, have melded "Still the Same Man" into a surefire hit.

But calling this just a hit doesn't really describe the essence of this song - it's techy, has remnants of house from the 1990's and has enough of a beat to make you really want to move. Romero and Toolroom might seem like an unlikely pair at first glance, but the product of the work that the new face of Dutch house has done on the iconic label is a great way to start the year.

Stream:Nicky Romero Feat. John Christian & Nilson - Still the Same Man (Original Club Mix)


Nicky Romero

Still the Same Man

  • Toolroom
  • February 4. 2013
Dance · Progressive


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