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Xilent - "Boss Wave" [VIDEO]

This new Xilent video had me from the start, with the 8bit sounds and promises of awesome video game footage. It locked me in with the first verse, as blueprints pan across the screen. Thinking to myself, “Am I about to see some cool-ass IRL robots, accompanied by the type of melodies only a Zelda kid could love?” You’re damn right I am! This isn’t some low-budget shit either. We’ve got full-on boss status towards the end, right after Fungus Time, of course (I wonder if he’s trademarked that yet).

We arrive to the end of the story with his girlfriend walking in, finding what appears to be the monstrosity he’s been stuck in the garage building for the past eight months. I guess that’s what happens when you’re an adult: you’re allowed to say, “Fuck it, it’s fungus time!” But who could be mad at a face like that.

Great job, Xilent, on a fine video and an even finer track. 

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