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Mord Fustang - "Taito"

You can’t really mistake a Mord Fustang song for any other artist - there is something so quintessentially “mordy” about his sound that it basically has been trademarked by the Estonian producer. Not to say that his tracks aren’t varied, as we saw a very different side to him in “Champloo” than in his earlier works. However, I am happy to say that today’s release takes us closer to his original productions, possibly even farther. “Taito” begins with this chopped synth, slowly becoming fuller and more robust, until it transitions into the Mord Fustang sound we know and love. You still have breakdowns and the complextro elements, but the best part about the song comes from a bouncy bassline that you can’t help but groove to. In my opinion, this is his best work so far.  Don’t wait, get your tickets to see him with Feed Me on their USA tour (some tickets available below but go to wantickets.com for all the dates).

Stream: Mord Fustang - Taito (Original Mix)




Mord Fustang


  • Plasmapool
  • 1/21/2013

Electro House


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  • Hey Colin you Actually have Mord's tour dates wrong. He is not in Atlanta on the 1st. He will be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada @ brrrrr Music Festival. You can find all tour dates right on his facebook page. Thanks

    Avatar Rob Berkowitz January 22, 2013 7:03 PM Reply

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