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Blu - "On the Porch" [Video]

Blu released his album j e s u s back in 2011 which caught most people off guard in a few days. First off, the album originally was released under the name B but word quickly spread that it was the newest project from Blu. Secondly, many people were taken aback by the lo-fi nature of the album. But one thing is for sure, it got people talking and that's really the point of any artform. The goal should always be to push the envelope. So now we are in present day and Blu has finally unveiled visuals for one of the shorter track's off the album called "On The Porch". The video isn't anything crazy but definitely gives off a very "nostalgic" vibe and a longing for stress free days with the homies. Enjoy.

Download: Blu- On the Porch

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