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Ree$e - "Molly" (LOUDPVCK Remix)

Everything these fellas, LOUDPVCK, touch turns to trap gold. I have been falling in and out of love with trap over the past few weeks due to enormous amount of subpar attempts at this semi-new genre flooding my inbox. So when I pushed play I didn’t know what to expect with the choice of remixing the viral Reese’s “Molly.” Now that’s not to say this duo hasn’t been slaying remixes and originals left and right, but my current feeling on trap leaves me with perplexed feelings. But in one trap drenched drop all my current demurral fell away. They took Ree$e’s “Molly” and infused it with a beat on steroids.

Play this for your friends and I’m sure you will soon be hearing again, the almost tarnished, “Damn son where’d you find this?” 



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