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Danger Mouse - The Grey Album (Remastered by John Stewart)

Well this is all a bit self-referential. Once upon a time, Danger Mouse placed himself on the map for-ever when he came up with the idea of putting a capella Jay-Z tracks over beats he created from samples off the BeatlesThe White Album. His final product? The Grey Album, probably one of the top independently released classics of our generation (admittedly Danger Mouse's reputation long preceded The Grey Album but coming up with an idea that brilliant means no one can not know about you at this point).

And now we have history repeating itself, in an entirely good way, with John Stewart. The talented sound engineer had always adored Danger Mouse's original concept but could hear significant ways in which he could spruce it up. So he did -- all 12 tracks in one day. Tinkering around with ProTools, he came up with has a considerable audible bite. "I just kind of put the sonics on steroids," he says. Turns out hundreds of people have thanked him for doing so. You might be among them. Check out the revisited album below.

Download: Danger Mouse x Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement (Remastered by John Stewart)

Download:Danger Mouse x Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Remastered by John Stewart)


Danger Mouse

The Grey Album (Remastered)

  • The High Society, LLC
  • November 25. 2012



Album · Hip-Hop · Mash Up · Rock


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