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T.I. - "Sorry" (Feat. Andre 3000)

Is that an apology to Big Boi, Andre? T.I.'s new single "Sorry" featuring Andre 3000 is just what music's been missing.  The six-minute soulful track, produced by Jazze Pha, serves as the perfect backdrop for Tip's smooth flow and Andre's flawless verse. For every person who complains that "rap just isn't what it used to be," this record is the perfect flashback to that hip-hop he/she used to love. Universal Music Publishing Group/Surf Club's hit songwriter Stacy Barthe sings a beautiful, heartfelt hook before 3 Stacks delivers yet another rare verse that gives some insight into why he left the game in the first place before shedding light on his decision to pursue his dreams rather than settle with his family. Likewise, Tip talks the road from nothing to something, giving some insight to life in his hometown. Check out the song below, and Andre's verse lyrics courtesy of RapGenius under that.

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What it ain't, What it is?
Even if you gotta live
I learned that apartment is way more exciting than a big ass house on a hill
I used to be a way better writer and a rapper
When I used to want a black Karmann Ghia
Now a nigga speeding in a Porsche
Feeling like I'm going off a course
Cut these fuck niggas off
Nigga TIP in my life scream that till im horse
Duck these get the fuck off me projectiles, bitch you ain't really got a choice
I'm living my life live yours
I don't even like rapping fast, but that's how the world come to me
Talk to me sideways nigga that's your ass
Slow it down, this that shit that'll make you call your momma
Say hey I'm sorry for begging for all them clothes you couldn't afford
And this the type of shit that'll make you call your rap partner
And say I'm sorry I'm awkward, my fault for fuckin' up the tours
I hated all the attention so I ran from it
Fuck it if we did, but I hope we ain't lose no fans from it
I'm a grown-ass kid, you know ain't never cared about no damn money
Why do we try so hard to be stars, just to dodge comments
And this that shit that'll make you call your baby mama
When you gone on half a pill, don't know why but that I did
Then you take a flight back to the crib, y'all make love like college kids
And you say all the shit you gon' do better, we can try this shit again
'Round the time the dope wear off, you feel stupid, she feel lost
That's that dope, I mean, I mean dopamine you think Cupid done worn off
Waiting in the hallway with her arms crossed
Her baby boy face full of applesauce
Maybe should have stayed but it ain't yo fault
Too much pressure, I fell off, I'm sorry
Was young and had to choose between you
And what the rest of the world might offer me, shit what would you do
Well I'd probably do it differently if second the chance
Only if some cool ass older man would've let me know in advance
This, this quarry, that is dug so deep in a father's chest
When he feel that he's broken up his nest
And he figured shit he was just doing the best that he could
Which end up being the worst that he could
And all some pussy nigga on the internet can say is that verse ain't good
It's boring - boring?
When I'm disgusted with this world and I can hardly breathe and
Told so many lies, don't know what to believe
I discussed it with this girl, and this is what she said
She said lay down baby, baby, rest your weary head up
I love these distractions but my mind don't wanna rest
But my body disagree so I laid up on her breasts, yes
Ooooh, you are so fucking fine
I woke up the next morning with new purpose on my mind

Tip's Trouble Man: Heavy on the Head drops December 18th via Atlantic Records/Grand Hustle Records.

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