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Beat Connection – "Erotic Art"

Seattle electronic duo Beat Connection is at it again, making those boppin' tunes that everyone loves so dearly. Known for their psychedelic style, they usually whip up something good to get your jam to whether it's the late night drive home or that house party next weekend. With a healthy backing of fans and no signs of stopping, make sure to keep an eye on Beat Connection as they may be blowing it up in your hometown sooner or later. Their most recent release, "Erotic Art", only confirms the staying power in the electronic scene. "Erotic Art" is the definition of electronic music. They incorporate healthy amounts of effects, synths, and groovy beats to back it all up. The track has a plethora of exotic sounds and noises that ties the song together into a cohesive whole. It's edgy enough to make your head bobble.


Electronic · Electronica


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