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Odesza - "Home"

If you haven't heard of the group Odesza, it's time you should have. Odesza is the fusion of two producers: Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches. Each respectively have a sound that aims towards a feel-good electronic dreampop style, which is exactly what Odesza is all about. Luckily for them, their tastes and paths run parallel with one another, which gives Odesza that slight edge over other collaboration groups. Their debut album, Summer's Gone, was met with high praise, as every song within that album was produced in the highest of quality. Not to mention it's cohesive as a whole and one hell of a summer time feel-good album. Their latest track, "Home", came to a surprise to all of us when they released it just recently. "Home" is a wonderful track to listen to and to get yourself acquainted to the majestic airiness of Odesza's style. Much like their songs in Summer's Gone, you'll find yourself strangely succumbed to a calm, serene state of mind. The ambient vocal loops and the groovy beats sends us to the clouds, giving us the opportunity to backstroke through the open air with the piano and chimes guiding you back home. If you are a fan of anything dreampop or chillwave, you will instantly fall in love with Odesza.

Chillwave · Dreampop · Electro Pop


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