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Beau Young Prince x Franky Murock - "About You" (Prod. by XXYYXX)

In March future garage and post dubstep producer, XXYYXX, released his self-titled mixtape. The mixtape went over exceptionally and the track "About You" became an instant classic, with its easy going chilled out melody and deep bass. Today we are releasing and exclusive track by rappers Beau Young Prince and Franky Murdock that bring some amazing lyrics over this beat.

This track has the perfect vibe to layback and light up to. The deep bass kicks in around minute 2:37 and the energy kicks up a notch and they repeat the common theme of the song, "Baby you're groovy." Prince and Murock only groove to groovy music with groovy girls.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/66649733" iframe="true" /]

Bass · Chillwave · Garage · Hip-Hop


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Hipster Killa
Hipster Killa
8 years ago

this was not produced by XXYYXX, this is a SONG by XXYYXX wich some wack rappers used to rap on.... they didnt change anything of the beat and XXYYXX def did not produce this shit (the version with vocals)! Damn you hipsters... Die scum!!