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Cobra Krames - Bulletproof Fangs [Exclusive EP + Interview]

Even though he still parties like the young bloods, Cobra Krames has been cultivating the hybrid scene of EDM and hip-hop on the east coast for the better part of a decade now. Basically, a huge chunk of the warehouse raging, dive bar rumbling, and even legit club invading New York following could be credited to Krames and his Brooklyn based record label Gold Whistle. He has successfully infused dirty south beats with other tribal-rooted polyrhythms and fresh new EDM-inspired overtones. His solid understanding of creating synth sounds from scratch and stacking the perfect percussive hits have recently culminated to a point in his musical career worth mentioning.

This exclusive new remix EP dubbed "Bulletproof Fangs" from Cobra Krames and the Gold Whistle crew (Dirtyfinger, Yamez, and Teebur) comes out the gate swinging with gut-busting dirty-south drums and familiar vocals from Lil Scrappy, Ludacris, Trina, Young Buck, and Purple Ribbon All Stars. From most of what we've been hearing lately, future-trap styles almost abandon the nuanced parts of southern trap that give it that signature groove. While this EP is definitely Future Trap and NY club music inspired, the feel of the south is still extremely apparent. 

Cobra Krames and Dirtyfinger - "Get Blowed" Official Music Video by LILKOOL

EARMILK: Approximately how long have you been influenced by urban dance music and hip hop? Also, where did the inspiration come from?
Cobra Krames: I've been influenced by hip-hop since I can remember listening to my first cassettes, third grade if I had to guess. Urban dance music came later for me; within the last ten years I started listening to dance stuff and actually appreciating its place in music. My inspirations come from early bass music like Magic Mike's tapes and Master P was extremely influential to me, southern music in general as I grew up in VA.
EM: You've been hired to perform at just about every different kind of party there is to offer in NYC over the years. Is there a certain kind of party that you prefer?
CK: I like warehouse parties the most! Or really, spaces that parties aren't always at. The atmosphere makes for a special time, compared to a club that's more static. Warehouse and purpose spaces make the night a one-of-a-kind experience!
EM: What about one of the best specific parties/shows you have performed at?
CK: The On Deck party that we all did recently in Bushwick, Brooklyn was that kind of party - a completely new space, a half pipe, all our crew DJing, everyone had a night to remember. It's hard to say the best party, because when they are special you can't really describe why it was so much better, it just was.
EM: If you could smoke with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?
CK: I'd wanna smoke with Joe Rogan! He is so into weed legislation and a super knowledgable dude about strains and extracts. I think it'd be a blast to smoke with him.
EM: How integral has your team been to the success of Gold Whistle?
CK: They are everything, we have a strong team and we're all team players! There's Dirtyfinger, Yamez and WC Kids including Teeburr, Smurfo and Qu'ality to name a few. We work together on everything from the ground up, we all have a say and voice opinions, look out for each other on gigs and support each other's music. There is no leader, we all lead!
EM: What are your plans for tour? Can we expect Gold Whistle to be on the road soon?
CK: I have a West Coast tour coming up in December and we are planning on bringing Gold Whistle on the road in the next few months. We're looking to throw some one-offs in other cities, sort of an "invade your party" vibe. We like to throw one-offs and going to another city makes sense for us. Most of us are traveling regularly and I think it's only natural soon we'll be doing it together!
EM: What can we expect locally?
CK: If we survive the apocalypse there is a lot planned for 2013. We're securing some warehouse spaces for monthly one-offs through the winter, doing regular after-hours in Brooklyn and we are planning on collaborating with other parties on some great big ideas. Expect us in the paper magazine nightlife awards. LOL!


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