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Shing02 & Chimp Beams - "Sunbaked" (DJ6月 Remix) [Video]

Rapper Shing02 and electronic group Chimp Beams have teamed up to produce quality rap tunes over some groovy beats. The team turned out their album ASDR not too long ago and has gained lots of attention in the underground hip-hop scene. With Shing02's progressive style of rapping and Chimp Beams' suave beat production, the two make a dynamic partnership that produces unique tracks. DJ6月 has taken the liberty of remixing this quality tune to pump it full of energy and adrenaline compared to the original. He introduces quick pulsating synths that really elevate the song into a completely different style. For the most part, the tempo of the rapping flow is untouched which surprisingly fits well with the quickened and energetic take from DJ6月. It's a quality remix to a quality tune. Compare and share. 

Play: Shing02 and Chimp Beams - Sunbaked

Electro · Hip-Hop


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