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Weedy - "The Blue"

Weedy himself is a half of a duo named 40 Winks, based out of Antwerp, Belgium. He and his partner, Padmo, turn out mellow hip-hop instrumentals with exceptional chopping, sampling, and producing skills. Recently, Weedy has taken the liberty of producing a solo track by the name of "The Blue", dedicated to the recently deceased Terry Callier. Callier was an influential American blues, jazz, and soul guitarist/song-writer and his recent passing has hit many musicians straight in the heart. Many styles of instrumental hip-hop and trip-hop have taken on the roots of a wide variety of genres. However, jazz and blues as you may know have influenced instrumental hip-hop and trip-hop significantly through the decades. "The Blue" pays homage to Callier with looped vocals of his, bursts of the saxophone, the strumming of a harp and mood-setting violins. And of course, there is that jazzy-styled drumming in the background that ties the entire piece together to form a beautiful and relaxing tune. And with that we can all take a breather and let "The Blue" set in on ourselves.

Download: Weedy of 40 Winks - The Blue

Weedy - "The Blue"

Downtempo · Electronic


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