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Yinyues - "Forte Era"

If there was a song to match the drastic drop in temperature these past days, it would have to be Yinyues' "Forte Era". Yinyues (Davanan Vadivelu) is a 17-year-old music producer from Romford, Britain who is influenced by the works of Rameses B, SizzleBird, XXYYXX,  and MitiS. His work will hit the sweet spot for those who love chillstep and downtempo music. He is quite fond of incorporating piano progressions and loops to contrast the heavy snare hits and the booming bass. Yinyues' style definitely appeals to us at Earmilk as fans of anything chill or electronic.

"Forte Era" starts off with a looping piano for about 20 seconds. Soon after, it is complemented with an edgy snare backed with a groovy beat and a heavy droning bass in the background. These elements are tied and layered together one by one in a basic textbook fashion. There isn't anything too experimental or flashy about the track itself but the use of basic sounds without too many overwhelming effects. You can't help get a craving for some crisp, fresh air as this song continues to unfold. This tune isn't exactly chill, per-say, but it isn't quite a dance track either. "Forte Era" is a great in-between track for those seeking a song with modest-yet-uplifting energy. If you dig it, I strongly suggest you browse Yinyues' other pieces. Your ears are good for it.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/62000039" iframe="true" /]

Chillstep · Downtempo · Electronic


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