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Wax - "Tomorrow" (Unplugged Series) [Video]

Ten seconds into this week's video from Wax's Unplugged series and we were cracking up. No surprises there. The material isn't necessarily new but it's the nonchalant, deadpan delivery that has us rooting for Wax every time, even in the midst of his girl problems and love-hate affair with the bottle. This week he's serenading us with talk of getting over his pill-popping tendencies and his beer-buying habit -- tomorrow. We've all been there which is why we found ourselves laughing within seconds of hitting "play."

If you haven't been keeping up, in preparation for his upcoming album release due later this year, the LA-based rapper has been dropping a new, unplugged video each week featuring live performances of both new and unreleased material in addition to his most classic tracks. For all of Wax's Unplugged videos, here. With the exception of "The Adventures of Larry and Tina", we're sure every single one will have you rolling. 



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