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Imagine Dragons - "It's Time" (Passion Pit Remix) [Earmilk Premiere]

Today we're premiering the new remix of Imagine Dragons' track It's Time.  It's a shining, shimmering remix of feel good electro pop created by the kings of the genre... Passion Pit.   Fuzzy synths, bright sparkling scales and just a touch of mandolin come together to take the already upbeat anthem and give it an air of transcendent exuberance -- Fitting as It's Time will be covered by Glee on their Season 4 premier tomorrow.  We'll leave it up to you to decide who remimagines the Dragons best.

But undoubtedly the positive vibe of both parties is a great fit for the american rockers who are committed to making good music that helps people deal with that thing called life. "One thing we all share is we are committed to making music and being a positive force in the world," guitarist Wayne Sermon said in a recent interview.

Another way they match up is names.  Imagine Dragons and Passion Pit have got to be two of the best names in music... and both come with equally great stories.  Imagine Dragons, as awesome as the moniker already sounds, wasn't the bands first pick... It's actually an anagram of something they've decided is better off not admitting to their fans.  There's over 10,000 anagrams of Imagine Dragons so it might be tricky to figure it out but if you want to look through here's a list I grabbed off wordsmith.com .

Passion Pit is a little more upfront in their band name's less than savoury origins which refers to drive-in theatres and their torrid role in teenage hookups.  Plus it just so happens to be the name of a porno made in the 1980s, starring Traci Lords. 

And with that I'll leave you guys to the track... 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/59506147" iframe="true" /]




And as an added bonus a playlist of some Imagine Dragons + Passion pit tracks to get you more into both these guys.


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