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Yadi - Banana [Mixtape Premiere]

I’m a big fan of British songstress YADi and have been listening to this mixtape on repeat since I got it last night...  Its exactly the kind of music I love.

Me and my brother’s remixes often take an evocative female vocalist like Lana Del Rey or Romy from The XX and then build up the remix and try to make it as cinematic and epic as possible.  YADi just does that for us from the beginning.  Her songs are all built around rhythmic, tribal drum tracks and huge marching beats that lay the backdrop for her powerful soaring voice.  Her music is heavily inspired by war and her rebel heritage and it shows in the violent emotion she brings to her music.  Her paternal Grandfather was an Algerian revolutionary, her maternal Grandfather served during the second world war and her Norwegian great-grandfather was in the resistance against the German invasion of Norway.

Her new Banana mixtape shows off her algerian influences as well as music she’s into: Everything from Bulgarian chamber music to Montreal turbocrunk goldenboy Lunice’s TNGHT project with Hudson Mohawke to Britain’s most innovative rock band Alt-J. The mix also includes the Weeknd’s remix of her track Guillotine and also her own cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Initiation’ and also Banana Treey a new track of hers produced by innovative dubstep producer Rudi Zygadlo, these last two tracks are unreleased and you guys are getting the first listen.

The mixtape is available to download free on our soundcloud:


- Kalimkou Denkou (The evening gathering) - Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares
- Guillotine (Doc Mckinney remix) YADi
- Top Floor - TNGHT
- Mahd Assalhin - Cheb I Sabbah Ft. Hadderetes
- Taro' - Alt-J
- Banana Tree - YADi and Rudi Zygadlo
- Melpomene - Rudi Zygadlo
- Violent Games - Poliça
- Sadats (Saints of Marrakesh) - Cheb I Sabbah Feat. B'Net Marrakech
- Bad religion - Frank Ocean
- Initiation (YADi cover) - The Weeknd


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8 years ago

how can we get a hold of this. diggin' this for sure

Conor Clarke
Conor Clarke
8 years ago
Reply to  lazythekid

Its now available for DL on our soundcloud.

8 years ago
Reply to  Conor Clarke

thank you thank you!

8 years ago
Reply to  Conor Clarke

it isn't anymore! how can i get it?