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LiL TExAS x Trap Arnold - "Dumb HA" (Feat. Pradda) [Premiere]

The disclaimer for this next track is adult language for lovers only. Boston producers Trap Arnold and LiL TExAS teamed up with North Carolina rapper Pradda. The combination of those monikers is the viral outcome of "Dumb HA" and we are premiering it tonight. Digitally created and mastered by Trap Arnold and LiL TExAS, Pradda neurotically smothered the track with two very distinctive voices including a catchphrase of "ass be so fat". Underneath the lyrics are buoyant touches and dirty moans, making even the instrumentals of "Dumb HA" an unforgettable ride. This single gets my head shaking in approval from side to side but experience it yourself below.


Exclusive · Experimental · Feature · Hip-Hop


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