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Sound FX - Neverland [EP]


Sound FX


  • Self-Released
  • September 2. 2012

As they ready their upcoming full-length project, The Sunset LP, rising Los Angeles hip-hop duo Sound FX decided to gift fans a new EP to tide fans over until the release of their next project. Building off the sizable buzz their Medusa mixtape generated, with their new nine track Neverland EP the Cali twosome offers up some fresh new material to tide fans over until the release of their much hyped forthcoming album.

Download: Sound FX - The Birds & The Bees

We've been hard at work on our Sunset LP album but we decided to liberated these remix tracks that we recorded while working on our album as an EP titled Neverland. We remixed songs by XXYYXX and Jay-Z/Kanye West as well as included a couple of older tracks for our new fans. Hope you enjoy. - Sound FX

In addition to reworks of songs from XXYYXX and The Throne, the timely surprise release includes remixes of TwigsDaft Punk, The xx and three additional bonus tracks. Stream two cuts off the EP (stream entire  EP HERE) and check out the complete tracklist below.

Download:Sound FX - Ambient [Bonus]

Hip-Hop · Rap


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8 years ago

Soo Dope!!!

some boring shit song
some boring shit song
8 years ago

these fools are pretty dope.... but hearing some bites from the pro era kids, thats whack