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The Chemical Brothers - "Theme For Velodrome"

The English duo The Chemical Brothers represent some of the forefathers of the electronic movement, having paved the way for future generations of producers and ushering in the gluttony of house music we have today. Their track “Theme For Velodrome” was actually created for the 2012 London Olympics, with (obvious) specific consideration toward the new indoor cycling arena. All this makes perfect sense, because my thought at first listen was, “Are they making a Tron II?!” An inspiring beginning of warm, rising chords quickly gives way to a mechanical voice and a fast-paced, metallic piano riff. Whether or not you have actually been inside a velodrome, the track definitely makes you feel like you are in the middle of an intense gold medal race, all played out by The Chemical Brother’s signature electro sound.

Stream: The Chemical Brothers - Theme For Velodrome (Original Version)



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