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NAK - "The Price of Freedom"

NAK is a young guy making something for himself through his exciting rapping. He is a full-time nursing student and has a passion for poetry. A majority of his music revolves around his dedication to Christ, which leads to subject matters such as hard times, successes, and passion. But don't be fooled, his game is rock hard and his flow is like a river. He commonly raps over beats created by other producers, such as Michita, Wy-I, Soulostar, and Kondor. Recently, it came as a surprise to a lot of his fans, including me, that he had produced his own 100% original beat and he generously released it into the wild. Soon to be rapped over, this track is called "The Price of Freedom"

When listening to this track, it's pretty apparent that NAK has taken heavy influence among producers such as Nomak, Michita, and Emancipator. A prominent piano dominates the introduction of "The Price of Freedom" for almost a minute. This lines up the cue for the groovy beats and soft string effects to gently guide you through the song, while pumping you with enough energy to do the classic head-bob. Being so active as he is, expect him to crank out mad lyrics over moving tune in the near future. NAK's, fan base is growing steadily, so expect to hear from him more often than not.

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