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Titan Slang - "Titan Waves"

South Korean chillwave music producer Danny Riley, aka Titan Slang is quite new to the music scene, but his ear for sounds is pretty damn good.  I stumbled upon his work a few days ago and have been coasting through his delicious tracks ever since. Titan Slang's style is quite addicting. Though most of his tunes can be characterized as chillwave, he incorporates a vast array of different sounds to introduce that intriguing aspect in each of his tracks. Not too long ago, he delivered his latest song "Titan Waves".

"Titan Waves" starts off with calming chimes, but is quickly cut off with pulsating synths and a healthy beat. Along with several other subtle effects and elements that drive the track, Titan Slang mixes in his own singing in an ambient style. The track overall isn't very dynamic, in that the main rhythm and beat generally loops over and over throughout the entirety with minimal changes. Despite this fact, it's a great piece that will hold your attention for an unexpectedly long time.

Be sure to browse through his other tunes, as they are all quite different but still maintain that Titan Slang touch.

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