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Ab-Soul – "Nibiru" (Prod. JMSN)

With Top Dawg Entertainment's Fan Appreciation Week in full swing, Black Hippy representative Ab-Soul unleashed his contribution to TDE's week-long celebration with his new track "Nibiru". Named after the controversial and highly disputed doomsday event known as the Nibiru cataclysm, Ab-Soul latest track finds the self-described Black Lip Bastard employing his "Annunaki flow" and dropping knowledge about range of topics from ranging from calling out NASA, identifying supposed signs of an impending apocalypse and other conspiracy theories over production provided by JMSN 

Credence or no credence, regardless if you subscribe  to same theories as TDE's self-proclaimed "deep thinker" the contentious and thought-provoking topics  the rapper chooses to discuss in some of his songs like "Terrorist Threats" and "Nibiru" make for quite an interesting listening experience.

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