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Elyse - "Build A Better Life"

Elyse is constantly drawing me back to her music with her characteristic chilled moods and wonderful singing. She is quite minimal in the composition of a lot of her work, which I am a big fan of. One of her latest tracks, "Build A Better Life", is yet another chiller of a song that will level you to the ground. In this track, Elyse really channels the persona and style of Lana Del Rey. Whether it's intentional or not, it really works for this particular song. With a simple echoing guitar with modest effected beats, her voice smoothly layers over and molds the song into a nice sexy tune. I am now a genuine fan of hers, and absolutely cannot wait for her upcoming material. If you are looking for music with a chill vibe and  smooth vocals, Elyse is definitely for you. 



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