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Ooah & LoBounce - Trash Talk [Premiere]

I feel honored to be premiering the first track off of Ooah's and LoBounce's yet-unreleased Get Primal EP. With a title of "Trash Talk", the name certainly does the actual song justice because what you will hear is some straight nasty, 100% sick, and absolutely dirty sound. And all of it in a good way. I've respected Ooah as a part of The Glitch Mob for a long time, and have really come to love the unique sound that LoBounce has emanated in his music, but when they decided to come together the collaboration has surpassed my wildest expectations.

With an energetic and upbeat intro, I cautiously wait for what comes next, only to be greeted with a wobbly and powerful drop that is reminiscent of LoBounce style. And the song only gets crazier from there. Ooah's style shines throughout the track and LoBounce's sound is a more than adequate companion, leaving my ears craving for more. I've seen LoBounce play live, I plan on seeing Ooah play live (whether it be solo or with The Glitch Mob), and I fully expect for this track to be included in each's set and fully capable of driving the audience to an absolute fervor.

So be ready for Get Primal to drop July 24, and get ready to express your most animalistic tendencies while listening below.

Download: Ooah & LoBounce - Trash Talk



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