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Joey Pecoraro – "Lost Jem"

There is something about the piano that exudes classiness and sophistication in certain styles. Beat producer Joey Pecoraro has quite the ear and style. His works range from many different musical and cultural influences. One of his latest works, "Lost Jem" is an astounding piece that brings back class in a music world full of bleeps, bloops, and over-saturated bass. Mr. Pecoraro reminds us how things used to be and can still be: classy.cl

"Lost Jem" is a short piece, just shy of two minutes. A wonderful improv style piano powers the track, while ambient lounge/restaurant chatter plays softly in the background. The tune is perfect for any fancy dinner lounge setting. There are three elements which can be found on this song: a smooth beat, the piano, and the soft chatter. And that's all you need to stay classy and have a sophisticated time with all the sirs and ma'ams as you mingle around with in custom fitted suit. 



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